Welcome to Jall Design® !

Jall Design® conceives and manufactures lights, furnitures, decoration objects and more.

Our philosophy in 4 steps

1 analyze

The results did not match your expectations? Were the questions and schedule correctly formulated? A professional and external look may help to ask yourself the right questions. Asking the right questions means answering to them.

2 submit

There's more than one solution to a given problem. Our team will propose multiple alternatives, so you can make the best choice. Considering the different criteria discussed in common, we will be able to find the most adapted solution for your project.

3 schedule

Establishing the final project, drawing it, detailing it, describing it, budgeting for it, scheduling it. It's the process that will let you confirm the viability, the feasibility, the profitability of your project.

4 manufacture

Last step where the selection of the companies, the control of quality and manufacturing costs are essential for the achievement of your project.

About Jall Design® Artisanat

Rachid Jall, designer, started Jall Design® Artisanat back in 1994 with the setup of the showroom and his workshop in the center of the city of Tournai, in Belgium. According to the demands, the workshop was first equiped with tools to shape iron and wood. Because of the showroom's permanent opening at that time, the production essentially consisted of small series of furnitures and decoration objects.

The increasing demand for unique pieces and custom objects progressively led to a strategic change: indeed, custom objects are frequently the only alternative for people who did not find what they've been looking for in retail businesses. In addition, Jall Design® delivers one true advantage: because conception and manufacturation are achieved by ourselves in our workshop, the result always matches to what was stated at the beginning of the project. It's also an economical aspect: with no intermediaries (only for some specific technologies), the costs are significantly reduced.

How can you join us?

  • Through Email : jall@skynet.be
  • By phone : +32477952189
  • By fax : +3269843347

How can you find us?

(Please note that our correct street number is 5 Bis (Google Maps won't show it).


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Promo Jall

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Promo Jall

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Custom objects at a take-away price ! There's no limit: dimensions, materials, light sources… Everything is possible. Lights that lighten (or lighten each other), that introduce themselves, that move, that transform themselves, that disappear…


Chairs, tables, beds, armchairs, garden furnitures and more… All are drawn and manufactured to suit to your interior or exterior.

Interior Design

For short or long-term happenings. You've got ideas? We can develop them, tell you some advices and give shape to them.

Custom and unique pieces

One object for you, only at your place (and nowhere else)! Unique pieces are guaranteed.

Creation for businesses

Development of new products for the businesses willing to renew their models and stay a length ahead. Jall Design conceives products adapted to your rooms or spaces, and respects the materials already in place, as well as your machinery equipment. We can proceed to adaptations, or even build new systems to increase the profitability of your business.

Artistic creation

A permanent work-in-progress, in all kind of forms… Feel free to explore.